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Chief Operating Officer – Mr. Kim E. Fuller entered the International Business Community after The Fuller Organization, received approval for a new credit line in October 1993 for $250,000,000.00 (Two Hundred Fifty Million USD) to embark on a humanitarian mission to rebuild the infrastructure of the War Torn West African Country of Liberia. This effort led to additional credit lines and the reaching out to other African and Caribbean countries, it furthermore led to the Fuller Organizations receiving authorization to offer Power Plants, Cement Factories, Oil Drill Facilities and Mining Equipment, in short The Fuller Organization had become the biggest independent private firm in New York City offering assistance and private finance options to African and Caribbean Countries. On June 18, 1997, The Fuller Organizations International Efforts were immortalized in the Wall Street Journal of Commerce Newspaper within the special section on Uganda . The funding officially ended on December 31, 1999. By the conclusion of the funding period, The Fuller Organization had successfully connected with a total of Thirteen Developing Nations, which were as follows: African Countries – CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC, CONGO, GUINEA, LIBERIA, NAMIBIA, SIERRA LEONE, SOUTH AFRICA, TOGO, UGANDA and ZAIRE and Caribbean Countries – GUYANA, JAMAICA and TRINIDAD & TOBAGO.
Kim E. Fuller
In addition to the aforementioned in June of 1993, Fuller became a board member of The AFRICAN PEOPLES COUNCIL, under the direction of Executive Director – Julie Edo. This organization was the predecessor of The Allied African Nations Chamber of Commerce In February 2004 the firm teamed up with New York’s Official Regional Chamber – The Greater New York Chamber of Commerce and introduced the Chamber to the Developing Nations of the World and their subsequent business communities Within One Year by February 2005, the firm and The Chamber had organized the First Induction of Developing Nations into it’s International Community Partner Program, which consisted of the Three African Nations of LIBERIA, SIERRA LEONE and UGANDA, as well as Twelve Caribbean Nations identified as: ANTIGUA & BARBUDA, BAHAMAS, BARBADOS, DOMINICA, GRENADA, GUYANA, JAMAICA, MONTSERRAT, ST. KITTS and NEVIS, ST. LUCIA, ST. VINCENT and the GRENADINES and TRINIDAD & TOBAGO. Official Borough Presidential Proclamation was issued by C. Virginia Fields as well as a Senatorial Proclamation from Senator John Sampson.

 On January 18th 2007 the First Meeting was held between GNYCC and the Firm with the new Developing Nations Sector of the International Community Partner Program. At this meeting it was unanimously decided, that although the nations appreciated the TWO year memberships granted to all of them, they really wanted the guidance to form their OWN chamber of Commerce, which would exclusively service the needs of the African Continent and their business communities in conjunction with the business community within the United States. This officially was decided as OBJECTIVE # 1. The new chamber would be called The Allied African Nations Chamber of Commerce upon its completion.
 The steps were initiated immediately and on OCTOBER 17, 2008 the Allied African Nations Chamber of Commerce was incorporated by the unanimously selected and approved by ALL African Nation Members – President – Anthony Adjasse. On July 18, 2009 the Chamber held their official induction ceremony at New York ’s City Hall. At the event a City Council Citation was issued by the Honorable Thomas White with TWO Congressional Proclamations, one from Honorable Yvette Clarke and one from the Honorable Charles Rangel, with the latter one proclaiming the day Allied African Nations Chamber of Commerce Day. AANCC events and activities have been documented on their website, following their Induction ceremony, the same can be reviewed by visiting it at Mr. Fuller has always remained with the Allied African Nations Chamber of Commerce, first as a Board Member / Publicist and officially in October 2011 as the newly appointed Chief Operating Officer. As C.O.O. Mr. Fuller will serve as the Chief Liaison between American Businesses hoping to do business with the chambers African Countries members, through qualifying and certifying the same and working in collaboration with President Anthony Adjasse efforts.
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