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Held On November 8, 2017
Sheraton New York Times Square Hotel
Innovation And Sustainable Development

Moderator: Anthony A. L. Adjasse, President / CEO of AANCC

Guest Speakers and Panelist:

Mrs. Nkem Onwuamaegbu: Senior Underwriter, World Bank – MIGA,
Richard Foy: Regional Director U.S. EXIM BANK, New York Office
Ms. KL Fredericks: U.S. Department of Commerce, Director of Harlem U.S. Export Assistant
David Riposo: USTDA
B.J. Roe: President: New York Immigration Fund (NYIF)
Brad Hoodhouse: Director of Business Development, American Trade & Finance Company
Gelvin Stevenson, PhD: AgriPower, Inc.
David Webster: President of Webster Marketing International LLC
Franc Li Li: President, America Chinese Silk Road Chamber of Commerce
Yi Liu, PhD: Founder WIBEIS
The International Annual Conference – Expo held on November 8, 2017 at Sheraton New York Times Square Hotel was the most significant annual development strategy event for members and partners of Allied African Nations Chamber of Commerce (AANCC),
interested in doing business with Africa.

Participants met one-on-one with each other to discuss potential future business and development projects in Africa. Networking on assessment and implementation strategies in Africa was another important aspect of the Conference – Expo 2017, with respect to direct investments and financing. It also was the opportunity to share their experiences, to learn from one another and to debate the future development of connections in Africa.

The conference – Expo brought together invited Representatives from many of the 36 Founding members of AANCC from countries across Africa to attend the event. The pinnacle point was the special discussion panel with our speakers including the World Bank – MIGA, the U.S. Federal Agencies, President and Executives of American Corporations, members and partners of AANCC to provide an opportunity for questions and answers.
The panel put innovation and sustainability at the center of the dialogue with the belief that radical new thinking will be required to directly address the current urgency for new solutions to improve new technologies already in progress in Africa, to develop new strategies about modern entrepreneurship.
Anthony A. L. Adjasse, President / CEO of AANCC
Making the Opening Remarks
Kim Fuller, COO of AANCC
Speaking on the Historic of the Creation of AANCC
By 36 Founding African Ambassadors to the United Nations in 2009
Mrs. Nkem Onwuamaegbu, Senior Underwriter
World Bank - MIGA
Richard Foy, Regional Director New York Office
Ms. KL Fredericks, Director Harlem Office
Export Assistant - U.S. Department of Commerce
David Riposo, United States Trade and Development Agency (U.S.T.D.)
Representative of U.S. Department of Commerce
President Anthony L. Adjasse
Leading the Panel Discussion
Avie Friedderwitzer, Vice President of Family Food Brokers
B. J. Roe, President of New York Immigration Fund (NYIF)
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David Webster, President of Webster Marketing International, LLC
Ghelving Stevenson - PhD, President of AgriPower, Inc.
Anthony A. L. Adjasse, Pesident of AANCC
Interview with a Chino Vision Reporter
Nathalie Atipo Ngapi, President
of Société band corporation (S.B.C)
Invited from the Republic of Congo
President Anthony A. L. Adjasse in Q & A Session with the Panel
Signing Ceremony of the Memorandum of Collaboration Between:
Anthony A. L. Adjasse, President of AANCC - Li Li President of America Chinese Silk Road Chamber of Commerce (ACSRCC) and Yi Lui, Founder of WIBEIS (From China)
Alfreda Akintewe, Nike West African Import/Export inc. Brooklyn, NY
Presidents: Li Li, Yi Liu, and Anthony A. L. Adjasse
Jun Lin, Vice Chairwoman of America Chinese Silk Road Chamber of Commerce
The Audience Enjoying the vent.
Panel Discussion
The Audience Enjoying the vent.
Conference Room
The Audience Enjoying the vent.
AANCC Member Exhbitors
Group Photo of Our Distinguished Guest Speakers
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