In 2009, thirty-six members of the African Nations Diplomatic corps to the United Nations in New York City initiated and founded the Allied African Nations Chamber of Commerce (AANCC), an organization led by President and Chief Executive Officer Anthony A. L. Adjasse, a native of the Republic of Benin located in West Africa.

The AANCC was formed to promote sustainable partnerships between the African member nations and the American business community, as well as individual business owners and corporations. The goal of the AANCC is to tailor strategic alliances to guide the development process with efficiency
Allied African Nations
The activities of the Chamber of Commerce, whether of a policy or technical nature, aim to:

Promote international trade, services and investments while eliminating obstacles to international business
Further the development of an open African economy with the firm conviction that international commercial, industrial, and agricultural exchanges are conducive to both greater global prosperity and peace between the United States and the African nations

A consummate business management professional, Mr. Adjasse founded and successfully managed for more than a decade, New York Multiprest, Inc., a corporation specializing in commercial printing and advertising gadgets manufacturing in New York City. As an African national small business owner and pioneer, he also founded Pentagon Marketing & Merchandising, International Sourcing Corp (PEMMEDIS-GROUP), focusing on export/import, merchandising and project financing negotiations targeting Africa.

Mr. Adjasse is also a counselor at Service Corps of Retired Executives (SCORE) with the Small Business Administration, New York City Chapter for mentoring and coaching small American-based businesses. Very conscientious of the African Nations people well-being, Mr. Adjasse led a group of African national volunteers to institute “Africa Care Watch” (ACW), a non-profit organization geared to assist and provide relief to orphan children, distressed women, poor and underprivileged persons, as well as children and families who are victims of leprosy and Buruli ulcer in the African Nations.

Led by President Adjasse through the years, the Chamber had initiated and organized many international conferences in the United States, to recruit qualified American corporations and investors interested to do business with Africa. Many African Ambassadors and Government Officials from the Republics of Mauritius, Ivory Coast, Madagascar, and Nigeria attended those conferences and seized the opportunity to present their respective needs to the American business community, in terms of motivating them to undertake development projects in Africa.

On February 29, 2012 at the Black History Month celebration in New York City, Honorable John L. Sampson, Senator of the Great New York State awarded a Citation Honoring and Recognizing President Adjasse for his extraordinary commitment to excellence in the business community of the Great New York State and in the United States as a Whole.
President Adjasse is a great leader who provides exemplary service, empowers generations and explores new possibilities.

Mr. Adjasse served as Director and Chief Operating Officer in a state manufacturing plant in his native country. He also lived in Abidjan, Republic of Ivory Coast for almost two decades where he successfully started and managed various small businesses prior to immigrating to the United States.

Mr. Adjasse earned an associate degree in Applied Science in Business Administration from Kings Borough Community College, and a Bachelor’s Degree in International Marketing Management from the prestigious Baruch College City University of New York.
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