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Gailmarie Scott currently serves as a Member of the Board of Trustees and the Director of International Marketing and Communications with the Allied African Nations Chamber of Commerce headquartered in New York City, serving more than thirty Sub-Saharan African member nations with demographics of almost 700 million people, as well as corporations and professionals.

In this position, Ms. Scott connects American-based companies with the members to fulfill their requests for products, services, and the transfer of technology from American corporations, which enhances the everyday lives of African people and adds value to the emerging economies.
Born and raised in Southern California, Ms. Scott was the ninth of ten children born to Angie Davis and Edward Brantley Scott of West Tennessee. Both parents were educators who graduated from the Tennessee State University in Nashville. The family moved to Las Vegas, Nevada during her adolescent years and returned to live in Southern California until the death of her mother in 1964. Soon thereafter, her father moved back to Tennessee with the three youngest girls for several years. She discovered what it meant to be a “G.R.I.T.S. Girl - a Girl Raised In The South”, and she is proud of it.
Ms. Scott remained in California for the remainder of her teenage years. She accumulated more than three decades of experience, beginning her formal education with a Manpower program in the medical field, initially working in ER, OBGYN, and pediatric nursing, and then worked with private duty patients until she took time off to raise a family. She enjoyed raising four handsome sons and one lovely daughter with her husband of twenty-five years. The crowning glory of her family is her heirloom of eleven grandchildren.

When she resumed her career, she chose the corporate world by targeting Fortune 500 corporations, such as Bank of America and Nordstrom in Redondo Beach, and Delta Airlines at Los Angeles World Airport. Each employer recognized and rewarded her unparalleled customer care.
Ms. Scott became a true globetrotter, whether alone or with family, and her extensive travels piqued her interest in international business ventures and often resulted in life-long friendships. On several occasions, when she was invited to travel abroad with a world renowned perfume and liqueur manufacturing company headed by the president Inventors Union of the Democratic Republic of Congo in Central Africa who is among 500 Geniuses of the 21st century, she was given royal treatment. This relationship led a prestigious honorary award from the Belgio-Hispanica Association in Brussels, Belgium for Ms. Scott. This led to more opportunities for travel. On one corporate retreat of the presidents of International Federation of Inventors Association (IFIA) of Geneva, Switzerland, she networked with dozens of diplomats.

Ms. Scott also gained specialized experience: In the San Francisco Bay area, she was in sales with a multi-media company for advertising direct response infomercials to nationwide low powered television (LPTV) and radio stations; In the Los Angeles area, she was in mortgage lending; the assistant at a diversified Internet television and radio network; the executive administrator for an African-American owned construction engineering company for more than ten years where she handled heavy civil, private, public, and major contracts, such as the Alameda Corridor Transportation Authority. Concurrently, she consulted for a non-profit association of contractors who leveled the industry's playing field for minority businesses to obtain contracts for millions of private and public dollars which may not otherwise be accessible and she worked to facilitate the first African-Americans to build big box projects at Target Stores and The Home Depot.

Most recently, Ms. Scott served on the Board of Directors of a Mid-West crude oil company. She has plans to launch a global network solution for “smart” businesswomen in 2012. Over the years, she accumulated “specialized knowledge” and enterprising opportunities as catalysts to creating endless possibilities, such as fulfilling a life-long desire to participate in the global impact a socioeconomic development and wealth-building movement.
Gailmarie Scott
International Business Consultant
Director of International Marketing
& Communications of AANCC
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